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How does AppleCare handle cracked screens?

If you’re wondering how AppleCare handles cracked screens, a former Apple employee provides us the details.

Cracked iPhone

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If you’re wondering how AppleCare handles cracked screens, a former Apple employee provides us the details.

Sooner or later, your iPhone’s screen is due to crack. Whether you drop it, smash it, or it falls out of your window, you’ll eventually have to get it replaced. Luckily, AppleCare is there to help you out. But how does it work? Is it a seamless process?

Luckily, Quin Reiben, a former AppleCare employee shares his opinion:

When you call in, the first thing we need to do is assess where you are with your device’s support, so we can help you figure out your best options. So we gather the serial number. You can see this information for yourself at Check Your Service and Support Coverage.

Assuming accidental damage:

If your serial number indicates that your device is covered by AppleCare+ and you have accidental damage incidents left, that can be done with mail-in replacement as well as at the store. It costs whatever the incident is for your particular device – i.e. for an iPhone, $79 + tax. This is typically a whole-device replacement.

If your serial number indicates that it isn’t, then we usually recommend your best option as the standard screen replacement at an Apple store or authorized service provider. The standard pricing for screen repair alone depends on the device – you can get that information at Official Apple Support, then go to the product of your choice and select screen repair.

If your phone happens to have more than just screen damage, they can and will tell you after examining your device at the store. That will change the pricing of your repair if you are not covered with an accidental damage incident under AppleCare+.

Assuming a hairline crack:

I’ve only seen one of these cases in my tenure as an advisor. I suspect they are fairly rare. But if it is determined that the damage on your phone is not accidental, then it will be taken care of under whatever warranty you have. If you’re outside your support coverage, you can always opt for a screen replacement anyway.

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