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Apple’s COVID-19 contact tracing API is live- Here’s which states are using it

Here’s the list of the current states that have COVID-19 tracing apps

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Way back in April, near the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Apple and Google teamed up to create a systemwide contact tracing app that would live in iOS and Android. That app turned into an API for Exposure Notifications, added to both operating systems on May 20.

That’s only part of the puzzle for tracing exposure to COVID-19, as the health department for each state then needed to sign on to the venture and create iOS and Android apps for their region to support the inbuilt contact tracing.

To date, eleven states have released apps that tie into the Apple and Google-developed platform, with another six in development, and one state that’s said they will participate at some stage. If you’re interested in adding the app to your smartphone so you can be better informed on the risks you are taking while out of your home, here’s the list of the current states that have COVID-19 tracing apps.

Here are all the states with a COVID-19 tracker using the Apple/Google Exposure Notification API:

  • Alabama: iOS | Google
  • Arizona: iOS | Google
  • California: In development
  • Colorado: In development
  • Delaware: iOS | Google
  • Maryland: In development
  • Nevada: iOS | Google
  • New Jersey: iOS | Google
  • New York: iOS | Google
  • North Carolina: iOS | Google
  • North Dakota: iOS | Google
  • Oregon: In development
  • Pennsylvania: iOS | Google
  • South Carolina: Will participate
  • Virginia: iOS | Google
  • Washington: In development
  • Wyoming: iOS | Google
  • District of Columbia: In development

If your state isn’t mentioned here, then your state might be working on its own exposure tracing app that doesn’t use the jointly developed API from Apple and Google. Bookmark this page for future reference as we’ll be updating the post with new states when they’re made available.

Do you plan on using this? Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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