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Are private parties going away on the PlayStation 5?

The latest PlayStation update changes some things about the Party system.

horizon zero west on playstation 5
Image: Sony

It’s great to play games together with your friends or make new friends with people who drop into your open Party chats on PlayStation. Still, sometimes it’s great to only play with the people you want to, using the PlayStation’s private Party function, letting only the people you invite see that you’re in a Party and play along.

With the latest system update to the PlayStation 4, Sony is making changes to how the Party and chat systems work. They’ll now be more integrated, but what about private Party chats? Will they still be a thing?

So, are private parties gone on the PlayStation?

Short answer: Not quite

Sony’s latest system software update to the PS4 before the PS5 hits is now rolling out, and one of the biggest changes overhauls the Party and Messages features. Now you won’t need two separate sections for Party voice chats, and for group messages, they’ll be grouped so you can start a Party chats with a group you’ve chatted to before or send a message to them without having to re-add their Gamertags. Nice.

The thing is, this doesn’t actually stop you from being in private parties with your friends; it just means you have more ways to contact the same groups. It’s a good thing, really. The new update does remove the ability to create private Communities though, which some vocal users seem to be unhappy about. What Sony hasn’t done yet, is remove any existing private Communities, saying that you’ll still be able to access them. Does that mean the Communities feature is being reworked for the PS5? Possibly, and if so, we won’t have long to wait to find out.

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