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Sony has denied claims that it cut production numbers for the PlayStation 5 by 4 million units

Sony states everything is proceeding as expected.

playstation 5 console on table
Image: Sony

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The console gaming industry is one of the very few that has thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for consoles and games has never been greater. That means sales are up for companies such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

However, the console gaming industry is also one of the most competitive ones. One single rumor can be the cause of significant damages, primarily when a company is publicly traded. In light of Bloomberg’s article saying that Sony plans to lower the production numbers for Playstation 5 significantly, Sony’s shares dropped by 3.5%.

According to Bloomberg, one of PS5’s core components made by AMD experienced yields as low as 50%. Bloomberg’s report suggests that half of the manufactured parts were practically useless. As a result of that, they claim Sony had to cut down its original production plans by four million units.

Furthermore, Bloomberg’s anonymous source, which is very knowledgeable on the matter, also claimed that even though there are certain improvements, yields are still low. The original production plans are off the table.

After the release of the report, Sony quickly released a press release condemning the report as false. In their press release, they said that they never revealed production plans or any details related to manufacturing. But at the same time, they highlighted that they have not altered in any way their production numbers for their upcoming PS5. That means they still plan to produce around 10 million units by the end of 2020.

Whether they will meet their production forecast or not is yet to be seen, but we’ll find out in the coming month.

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