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Battlefield 2042’s $70 price tag might not be as bad as you think

And we don’t need another single-player campaign.

Battlefield 2042
Image: DICE

Earlier this week, we finally got a reveal trailer for the long-awaited Battlefield 2042, the next installment in the popular FPS series from DICE. Fans have been waiting to hear about this new game, and the reveal trailer certainly didn’t disappoint.

However, there are a few things revealed that seem to be disappointing some people. First of all, the game is launching without a single-player story mode. The other major complaint that some people have about the game already is that it will cost $69.99 for next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X|S and PS5).

But I’m here to talk you guys down from your rage-induced perches where you feel threatened by a shift in the gaming world mode. In fact, I believe that skipping a single-player story and asking a little bit more money upfront for the extra power you get on next-gen consoles could turn out to be a pretty good move by DICE, and I’m going to tell you why.

First, we’ll look at the lack of a single-player story

Look, let’s stop kidding ourselves. We all know that the main draw of any Battlefield game is the massive multiplayer experience. While the single-player campaigns were always pretty fun, we bought the games to blow shit up in the largest online battles possible.

So instead of wasting loads of time and resources developing a one-off story, DICE has decided to go a different route. With Battlefield 2042, the company has decided to deliver the game’s story and lore through its online multiplayer gameplay. Instead of having one story that gets lost after you play through the first time, the game’s plot and storylines will evolve over time, as new content is added in.

Personally, I think this is a much better idea for a game that is focused on multiplayer competitive gameplay. Gone are the days of linear campaigns in popular FPS titles and I’m here for it.

But what about Battlefield 2042’s $70 price tag?

Battlefield 2042 tank
Image: DICE

Another big catch that’s been eating at some people is the decision to price Battlefield 2042 at $69.99 for next-gen consoles. To be clear, the $69.99 price tag is only for Xbox Series X|S and PS5. The game will be $59.99 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

First of all, a $10 jump in price is not crazy at all. Games have been $59.99 for years now, and technology has made some pretty significant advances. For example, Battlefield 2042 will have multiplayer battles with up to 128 players on next-gen consoles, whereas last-gen consoles will still be capped at 64 players.

Secondly, we’ve known that some next-gen games were going to be priced at $69.99 for a while now. Some games, like NBA 2k21 and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, have already launched at $69.99. If we have to pay an extra $10 upfront to get all we can out of the new consoles, then I’m okay with that.

Now, the problem will arise if Battlefield 2042 still tries to milk us dry through microtransactions. It is an EA-published game, after all. We do know that there will be a battle pass involved, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The last thing we need, however, is a fiasco like what happened with Battlefront 2.

All in all, I am very excited for Battlefield 2042, and I think everyone needs to relax a bit before we condemn a game that hasn’t come out yet.

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