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Captain America says his new iPhone 12 is just too damn heavy

He also misses the home button on his old iPhone 6S.

captain america holding thor's hammer but it's an iphone 12
Image: KnowTechie

Captain America actor Chris Evans recently made the switch from an outdated iPhone 6S to a newer iPhone 12 Pro. And, of course, with such a major jump from an older model, the actor says he prefers the feel of his older phone.

If you can remember back that long, you’ll understand just how big of a change Evans faces with his new phone.

The iPhone 6S was much smaller than today’s phones and features a few design differences, like the home button, that have become a thing of the past.

That lack of a home button is one of the complaints that Evans has about his iPhone 12 Pro. In an interview with Collider, the actor expressed how much he misses the home button on his old iPhone 6S.

Additionally, Evans says his iPhone 12 Pro is just too heavy when compared with the 6S. That’s a pretty interesting take as well, considering the history of cell phones.

The first cellular phones were incredibly bulky devices that resembled old home phones. Then over time, they were shrunk down to the flip phones that fit nicely in our pockets.

And when smartphones initially came around, even they were relatively compact, making them as portable as possible.

Nowadays, smartphones continue to grow in size. With old iPhones, it was pretty easy to hold them in one hand and operate the entire phone with your thumb.

But now, you need to brace the phone in your hand with your pinky, and you have to use your other hand to reach the far edges of your phone.

Evans brings up a good point about the state of iPhones. Apple, alongside most other smartphone manufacturers, continues to deliver bigger and bigger phones.

But what’s the end game? Will we eventually return to the size of those massive cell phones from the late 1980s?

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