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  • Go-kar with jet engine Go-kar with jet engine

    This guy strapped a jet engine onto a go-kart, and it’s freaking awesome

    Ever wonder what happens when you attach a jet engine to a go-kart? Wonder no more, this nut bag did it.

  • Minecraft Minecraft

    Minecraft is officially named the most streamed video game on YouTube

    It's been set in stone. Minecraft is officially the most streamed game on YouTube, according to the company. See who else...

  • Confused kid on payphone Confused kid on payphone

    This is what happens when a kid discovers a public phone for the first time

    A sad, yet hilarious video from AFV Kids shows a young boy making a miraculous discovery from a time long, long...

  • Skype Skype

    Skype Translator opens the doors to its real-time translator

    Microsoft has today opened up its Skype translator to all, removing the requirement to sign up to a waiting list for...

  • Big lewbowski Big lewbowski

    This guy spent his Sunday night translating ‘The Big Lebowski’ into emoji

    Some people like winding down on their Sunday nights. Not this guy, he translated the The Big Lebowski movie into emoji...

  • First youtube video First youtube video

    Here’s the first video uploaded to YouTube 10 years ago today

    Ever wonder what the first video uploaded to YouTube looked like? Look no further, we found it.

  • Ballpit Ballpit

    This is what happens when a bunch of Tumblr users attempt to throw a fan convention

    Video showcasing what happens when a few people from Tumblr think they can organize a con. The disaster that was Dashcon...

  • Edward snowden and john oliver Edward snowden and john oliver

    Edward Snowden tells John Oliver how your “dick pics” get passed around

    Edward Snowden explain how the government can get your "dick picks" in an interview with John Oliver.

  • Funny desktop background Funny desktop background

    15 desktop wallpapers that will surely get you fired

    These 15 desktop wallpapers are almost a sure way to get you fired from your cushy office job.

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