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Charmin unveils the BRB Bot that pretends to be you while you handle your business

Finally something good has come out of the pandemic.

charmin brb bot for zoom
Image: Charmin

There’s nothing worse than being on an important Zoom call when all of that coffee finally hits you and nature calls. Now, Charmin is looking to fix that problem. That’s right, the toilet paper company Charmin, has developed AI to help you when you really need to go.

The company unveiled this new bot over the weekend with a demonstration of the fear that all of us have had over the last year. During a Zoom call, one person heads to the bathroom, seemingly thinking that the camera was off on their laptop. Turns out it wasn’t, and they accidentally began handling their business in front of all of their co-workers.

Charmin’s BRB Bot aims to eliminate that potential embarrassment. When enabled, the bot can recognize certain speech patterns and context to actively display the correct reactions from you while you are handling your business.

The bot is currently in a beta-only period. According to statements from the company, there are no plans for a full release of the Charmin BRB Bot, though the AI does display some pretty advanced technology. A demonstration video shows that the bot will take a few minutes at setup to pre-record specific reactions from you that it can then playback in the correct scenarios.

Even though there are no real plans to release the Charmin BRB Bot, this is a genius marketing strategy from the company that gave us those adorable bears. Almost everyone can relate to having to GO in the middle of a zoom meeting and we’ve all longed for something like this. Who knows, maybe we will see a full release of the Charmin BRB Bot sometime in the future.

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