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Kid Cudi and Kanye live-streamed their debut collab on WAV and things went terribly wrong

The album might be fire, but this whole ordeal was a dumpster fire.

kids see ghost wav
Image: Reddit (/u/bornintheasu)

In an effort to be hip with the kids, Kanye West and Kid Cudi planned to livestream a listening party for their new collaboration album, Kids See Ghost, on WAV but the entire ordeal was a hot mess.

First, delays by the artists caused the initial 8 pm PT start to be pushed back, causing many fans to voice their frustrations on Twitter, and rightfully so. After almost three hours of delays, the event finally started at 10:50 pm PT, to only then be crushed by the weight of hungry viewers looking to get a first look at the collaborative effort of the two.

The rush of fans caused the livestreaming app, WAV, to all but implode on itself, leading many viewers to a variety of error screens that only continued the frustration from the earlier delays. The whole thing was a mess, and while innovative approaches to releases and experiences are always welcome, please, just make sure it works or all of that effort will be for naught – as shown by both WAV and the artists involved.

Twitter was quick to point out their mistakes, as Twitter does. Check out some of our favorite responses below.


It’s 2018 and honestly, I’m not sure there is an excuse for this.

The delays even went as far as the actual album release, which ended up being pushed back hours. If you’re interested in hearing the album, it is available on Tidal (lol) and Google Play.

Have you listened to the album? Any opinions? What about their decision to use WAV and the delays? Let us know in the comments.

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