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The Daily Read – The “D” Edition – 10/2/2014

Besides dropping the “d” there’s some really good stuff featured in today’s Daily Read.

The D

KnowTechie Daily Read

Elon  Musk is dropping some big news, and all he mentioned was the “D”. Whatever that means. Until then, here’s today’s Daily Read:

Facebook Promises a Deeper Review of Its User Research


“Facebook said Thursday that future research on its 1.3 billion users would be subjected to greater internal scrutiny from top managers, especially if they focused on “deeply personal topics” or specific groups”

by @vindugoel

Netflix to bankroll and premiere four Adam Sandler movies


“The “Happy Gilmore” and “Billy Madison” star will bypass theatres to appear online first. Netflix is off to make it big in Hollywood. The popular international movie and TV streaming service is bankrolling four feature films produced by and starring Adam Sandler.”

by @rich_trenholm 

Facebook Apologizes Over Drag-Queen Name Controversy


“Facebook is changing how it treats people who don’t use their real names on social network, following an uproar over its crackdown on pseudonyms used by drag queens. Christopher Cox, Facebook’s product chief, apologized in a post Wednesday to people affected by the recent sweep.”

by @ReedAlbergotti 

An FBI Informant Led Hacks Against 30 Countries — Now We Know Which Ones


“A Federal Bureau of Investigation informant targeted more than two dozen countries in a series of high-profile cyberattacks in 2012. The names of many of those countries have remained secret, under seal by a court order — until now.”

by @dellcam

Jimmy Kimmel Tops McAfee’s List Of ‘Most Dangerous Celebrities’


“In the firm’s annual report on the celebrity names most likely to lead to virus-laden pages from Web searches, the late-night host beats out Chelsea Handler and Bruce Springsteen.”

by @ChrisMatyszczyk

Inside Snapchat’s secret amateur-porn ring


“I honestly cannot believe what’s happening,” John says as he sexts a stranger. “Snapchat is f**king crazy right now.”

by @_cooper

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