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The Daily Read – Facebook went down Edition – 8/1/2014

Facebook went down earlier today. No one noticed. No need to cry about it. Read these to get over your social media withdrawal.

KnowTechie Daily Read

I could think of something clever to say here, but it’s Friday. 

Twitter Testing Easier-To-Use Hashtags


“Twitter appears to be testing a feature that will better organize its chaotic world of hashtags. The new feature, seen by The Wall Street Journal in the Twitter app for iOS, added an expanded label to some hashtag searches such as #tbt (Throwback Thursday), #smh (Shaking My Head) or #oitnb (TV series “Orange Is The New Black”).”

by Yoree Koh

My Weekend In A Massive Room Full Of The PC Gaming Elite


“Despite PC gaming’s increasingly niche status, Quakcon, one of the largest LAN parties in the world, still draws thousands of gamers to Dallas, Texas every year to hang out in a hangar for three days straight, play games, and (hopefully) enjoy each others’ company.”

by @Vahn16

Why The Security Of USB Is Fundamentally Broken


“The security problems with USB devices run deeper than you think: Their risk isn’t just in what they carry, it’s built into the core of how they work.”

by @a_greenberg

Drivers, don’t let Google take the wheel


Why are we willing to put so much faith in technology?

by @acupoftea

Here Is The Porn Version Of Upworthy No One Asked For


“She Thinks It’s A Normal Bus. Wait Until You See What Kind Of Bus It Really Is.”

by @katienotopoulos

Why Every YouTube Video Looks Like a YouTube Video, What Happens When Your Photo Gets to the Front Page of Reddit and More #Mustreads


“Behind the nation’s closed doors, with YouTube.”

by @ftrain


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