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The Daily Read – I’m Coming Home Edition – 8/19/2014

Today’s Daily Read features Google, the future of news, the worst company in America, and more!

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KnowTechie Daily Read

Today is my last day here in Chicago, and I must say, I’m pretty excited to get back into the swing of things. Being here in Chicago, I’ve been able to hang out with family, friends, and as would call it, a future “brother in law”.  With that said, Boston, I’ll be home soon!

The worst company in America


“What happens when the most unpopular company in the US merges with the runner-up? Comcast’s corporate headquarters, Comcast Center, is the tallest building in Philadelphia. It’s covered in mirrors, which makes it the perfect metaphor for the company, one former employee says; no matter where you go, the glare is in your eyes.”

by @adrjeffries

Hey, ladies – catcalls are flattering! Deal with it


“Summer to me means three things: heat, hemlines and hard hats. It’s the time of year when I can parade around in a skimpy dress with strategic cutouts that would make my mom wince. And when I know I’m looking good, I brazenly walk past a construction site, anticipating that whistle and “Hey, mama!”

by @DoreeLewak

Uber to launch on-demand product deliveries in Washington D.C.


“Uber is gearing up to launch an on-demand product delivery service in Washington D.C., dubbed “Corner Store,” according to a company blog post which was briefly released this morning and later pulled. When the service launches, a limited set of Uber users will be able to order convenience store goods – such as “allergy medicine, diapers, toothpaste and over 100 other items” – via Uber’s app.”

by @HarrisonWeber

Google’s 10 Zaniest Projects in the 10 Years Since the IPO


“Ten years ago today, Google Inc. went public in an offering that raised nearly $1.7 billion and valued the young Internet company around $27 billion. The Mountain View, Calif. startup quickly put that money to work, transforming itself into much more than an online search company.”

by @jtemple

The Weird Near Future of News


“NowThisNews was started a couple years ago as a “brand new video network built from scratch for people who get their news on mobile devices and through social streams.” It was given five million dollars. Its early videos were short YouTube-style news bulletins; most of the old embeds seem to be gone.”

by @jwherrman


Last chance to reserve your next Samsung Galaxy and save $100

samsung ad asking people to reserve the latest handset


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