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The Davinci MIQRO cannabis vaporizer will become your new favorite vape


davinci miqro
Image: Davinci

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The Davinci IQ was one of the most innovative, stylish and technologically sound cannabis vaporizers on the market. I use the past tense here because with the pending release of the Davinci MIQRO, the IQ may as well be a 1997 Buick Century. The MIQRO is the latest vaporizer from Davinci, and it takes all the best parts of the IQ and puts them in a smaller form factor with the full intention of becoming your go-to vaporizer for all things cannabis.

To this point, I have almost exclusively used the Pax Vaporizer as my day-to-day personal use device. The Davinci MIQRO has gently brushed the Pax aside, put a dollar in its hat and sent it on its way. It’s given it a quarter, asked it to go get a newspaper and on its way back, fall into the river. The MIQRO has snapped its fingers and grinned, as the Pax turns into ash and Iron Man cries a little as the ash trickles through his fingers. That’s how the MIQRO feels in my hand. It commands an audience, it holds court.

Romanticizing a vaporizer might seem silly, but the Davinci MIQRO elicits a particular response. When the lid closes with authority over the perfectly smooth and easily filled ceramic chamber, there is a tingle of satisfaction that the product is secure. There isn’t that wobble you get with some vapes if you slightly overfill, the design of the lid makes sure of that, packing the product in the chamber like snakes into an Indiana Jones joke.

davinci miqro

Image: Davinci

The matte finish of the device has a slight texture to it, just beyond smooth but way below rough. It’s like a fine wine if I remembered what wine tasted like or knew anything about wine. Fine. It’s like that feeling you get when you are able to successfully open a string cheese without tearing it in half, leaving you with cheese chunks. The adjustable oven pearl and variable types of mouthpieces give you that sense of compatibility you get when the universal remote you bought actually works with every device in the entertainment center on the first try. It’s that good.

The Davinci MIQRO has a zirconium ceramic airpath that you can remove. You can remove the air-path. Do you know what that does for the lifespan of a device like this? While cleaning it still requires either the included cleaning tools or a thin pipe cleaner, just the ability to do that away from the battery is fantastic. While I can say that I do reach a level of stoner laziness when it comes to cleaning my devices, I think with one that I can take apart to clean might help actually keep it clean.

Let’s talk about temperature. While most vaporizers have some sort of variable temperature control, the MIQRO offers an upgrade to just selecting different temperatures. The Smart Path mode is the way to go, with four different temperature settings available. The LED lights on the device will let you know which one you’ve chosen by the number of lights lit up. If you don’t want to use the Smart Path selections, you can switch to a precision mode and manually select the temperature that works for you. You can also hold down the power button to get to boost mode, which jacks it up to the maximum temperature for that quick burn.

At first glance, the new Davinci MIQRO vaporizer appears to be just a smaller re-hash of the Davinci IQ, and in a lot of ways, it is. The form factor is similar and many of the features of the previous device have carried to the new one. Yet, the MIQRO does just enough to feel like a brand new device while still maintaining the standards you’ve come to expect from the Davinci brand of vaporizers. Oh yeah, it’s also a whole hell of a lot cheaper.

The Davinci MIQRO retails for $149 and will be available in August 2018.

A review unit was provided by the manufacturer.

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