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Did you know you can preview books from Google Search? Here’s how

You already use Google Search for everything else.

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Buying books is one of the simple pleasures in life. But if you are like me, previewing a book before dropping cash on it is almost a necessity.

Plenty of apps like Kindle and Apple Books allow users to preview a handful of pages before committing to the purchase, but did you know that you can do that same thing from Google Search?

Well, you can, and we’ll walk you through the process below.

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Image: KnowTechie

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If you don’t feel like messing with a reader app, but still want to get an idea of what a book you are interested in is about, follow this quick guide to preview books through Google.

  1. Head to the trusty through desktop or your mobile browser of choice

  2. Simply search the book title you are interested in How to preview books on google mobile app

  3. Look for an option on the right side (desktop) or below the search bar (mobile) and select Preview

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And that’s it. You can read the first few dozen pages of the book you are interested in. Just a heads up, it doesn’t seem like every book has this feature, but quite a few do.

Then, if the preview has captured your attention, you can select “Get Book” and Google will curate a list of places the book is available.

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