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Ready 2.0 is an intuitive Android dialer that makes staying in touch easier and faster

You should ditch the dialer on your phone for something a bit more intuitive? Check out Ready 2.0.

If you’re tired of the boring stock Android dialer on your smartphone and looking for something new, Ready 2.0 is a great and easy alternative. I can say this because I kicked the old Android dialer to the curb for it.

Ready 2.0 is essentially a third-party dialer that swaps out your traditional dialer and contact apps for a more streamlined app that allows you to interact with your contacts quickly and effectively. Whether its offering quick links in various sub-menus, initiating calls from third-party apps, or adding new contacts at the push of a button, Ready makes connecting a breeze.

Once the app is installed, users are asked whether they would like Ready to access their notifications. Selecting no will send your missed calls to the status bar. Selecting yes will give you a Facebook Messenger type floating bubble that follows you on every screen.

Here’s some of the additional features Ready has to offer: 

  • Incoming call bubble to see the relevant contact history
  • After call bubble with contact follow-up possibilities
  • Calendar, Call and SMS log for your contacts.
  • Quick actions for your contacts
  • Smart sorting
  • Filter for your contact groups
  • Card contacts view
  • Whatsapp, Viber, Hangouts integrations for your contacts
  • Search in meta data

After playing with Ready for about a week or so, I found myself really liking it. Slowly I see myself phasing away from the stock Android dialer over to Ready. Not only is it really simple, it offers a lot of intuitive ways to get in touch with the people you care about faster.

Ready 2.0 is free to download, but coughing up $2.99 will get you the pro version. Unlocking the app gives you themes, a ringtone pack, and a predictive dialer. Although these are great goodies and all, the free version still gives you a ton of valuable features. Try it out for your self and see how you like it.

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