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DJI now offers insurance if your Mavic Air 2 or Mini 2 ever flies away

Surprised something like this wasn’t offered sooner.

dji mavic air 2 drone
Image: DJI

Consumer drones haven’t always been as clever as they are now, and an unfortunate flyaway moment could have left you without your expensive drone. It’s far less common now, but it’s still good to see that DJI is upgrading their DJI Care Refresh program to cover flyaway occurrences.

In the rare circumstance that your DJI Mavic Air 2 or Mini 2 does get a brain of its own and flies away, you can pay DJI a percentage of the cost of a new drone and get a replacement. It’s still pricey, at $225 for a Mini 2 or $399 for a Mavic Air 2, but that’s a small price vs a new drone.

Buying a 1-year Care Refresh plan gives you one chance to use Flyaway coverage, and a 2-year plan gives you two chances. Care Refresh+ gives you the chance to use Flyaway coverage in the second year of ownership.

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You’ll need to link your controller to your drone, otherwise Flyaway coverage won’t be valid.

The thing is, if your drone flies away because you flew out of controller range, that’s one thing. What if your drone flies away thanks to a technical glitch? Are you still going to have to pay the fee? It certainly seems like it from DJI’s wording. DJI needs your flight logs as well, so they can investigate. Maybe if they figure out it wasn’t an operator error, you’ll get your fee refunded. Maybe.

Have any thoughts on this? Is this something you would sign up for? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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