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Dreo’s innovative combination countertop cooker, ChefMaker, hits Kickstarter

ChefMaker features Dreo’s patented Combicook technology that automatically adjusts temperature, moisture, and time for the perfect culinary masterpiece, and customers can get 45% off on launch day only!

The table displays food with chermaker air fryer
image: Dreo

Your countertop is about to get a major upgrade as home appliance manufacturer Dreo has taken the best of an air fryer, sous vide, and pressure cooker and combined them into one simple device, the ChefMaker, which launches today on Kickstarter

The ChefMaker combines and elevates the features of an air fryer, pressure cooker, and sous vide. It utilizes Dreo’s patented CombiCook technology to deliver precise cooking results with the push of a button.

Designed with input from master chefs, the ChefMaker can automatically adjust moisture, heat, and time to cook food of any shape or size to perfection. 

A variety of red meats, including beef, venison, veal, lamb, mutton, pork, and goat, are being carved and served with vegetables indoors.
Image: Dreo

Dreo has developed CombiCook technology that utilizes a combination of hardware and software to intelligently manage the cooking process and achieve professional results.

Until now, air fryers could only treat the inside and outside of the meat as one. Moreover, CombiCook works by dividing the cooking process into different stages, just as a real chef would.

Additionally, an included heat probe can sense the doneness of food and adjust cooking parameters. Moreover, the convection heating feature circulates the air to give meats a beautiful crust without overcooking them.

A built-in atomizer ensures that food stays tender and juicy throughout the process for restaurant quality results.  

Thus, ChefMaker’s uses multiple sensors, along with an atomizer and heat probe, to intelligently and automatically adjust its own settings to match the food inside. 

Therefore, the result is no more guessing when your food is done, no more pre-heating or flipping food halfway through, only to get undercooked or overcooked results. 

A person is preparing food in the kitchen.
Image: Dreo

Furthermore, the ChefMaker is easy to use, and the presets do all of the cooking for you. Simply choose the ingredients, press start, and get ready to eat. 

The ChefMaker will help you expand your cooking menu beyond chicken nuggets. Additionally, it also features an app packed with endless gourmet recipes across many different cuisines.

Check out their Kickstater to learn more about the ChefMaker, and if you want to try to snag one for free, enter Dreo’s giveaway for a chance to win one of 3 for free!

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