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Earthfall is a love letter to Left4Dead that just feels right

Can it live up to the greatness that is Left4Dead?

Will we ever get another Left4Dead? Who knows, but that just means other developers will have to step up to the plate if we’re going to get that excellent co-op experience of fighting zombies (and other monsters) in a bid to survive the onslaught.

While the Earthfall booth at PAX had some early issues (late delivery of monitors followed by a forced Steam update), I did finally get the chance to sit down with the game to give it a run through with three other gamers. Available on Steam with Early Access, the game is scheduled to release on PS4 and Xbox, as well, to give players that Left4Dead experience in a crisp first-person shooter.

Characters, to me, were pretty generic, but it only took a couple of minutes of gameplay to instantly appreciate the guns and feel of the game. Assault rifles felt crisp, shotguns felt powerful, and the constant groans and screeches of the monsters put you into the game quickly. The characters’ personalities quickly take a back seat.

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The game blends large monsters and waves very well, with your team constantly having to shift and adjust to meet new threats. While the game is pretty linear from my time with it, the dynamic actions of your opposition never make it feel like you’re going in one direction the entire time.

Some more puzzle-style elements add a nice spin on the constant waves of enemies, and communication on these sections are paramount, made complicated with the fact that you’ll also be killing monsters while trying to work with the team to solve the issues in front of you.

Is it a worthy replacement to Left4Dead? Time will tell, but if you’re looking for something that is in the same vein and have a couple of buddies to join in, it is definitely worth a look.

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