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Will Elon Musk’s new company xAI be ChatGPT’s top rival?

Whether xAI can achieve this with future tools like TruthGPT is hard to say, but it will inevitably take the world by storm.

Musk looking at the ChatGPT logo
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In a move everyone probably saw coming, Elon Musk spearheads yet another project — an AI company called xAI and the tool TruthGPT.

With his official introduction to the AI bandwagon, it will be curious to see how well the competition — like ChatGPT — will wrestle with xAI’s existence.

Is this the beginning of a game-breaking AI feud? Musk seems to think his new brainchild will solve the universe’s secrets instead of producing chatbot hallucinations.

Musk’s objective with xAI

The only information curious folks have now about this announcement is through xAI’s sparsely populated website. It touts that it will understand the true nature of the universe alongside the list of experts running the show.

It doesn’t explain how or what makes it different, but it’s enough to incite intrigue for techies and the AI-curious.

Some pretty stout minds are working with Musk to get this up and running. They are alums of previous AI projects, including OpenAI. 

More info will release Friday, July 14, on Twitter Spaces. Hopefully, this avenue doesn’t dictate its trajectory of success, being that Twitter has kind of taken a nosedive since Musk’s reign.

The site explicitly states how xAI will collaborate with Twitter — also known as X Corp — and Tesla to achieve universal knowledge.

Measuring it against ChatGPT

Both systems are large language models that leverage deep learning and neural networks. It’s kind of the trend right now if anyone is going into the AI biz.

However, Musk made some statements that indicate the main known difference — data oversight.

Musk said he feared companies like OpenAI were making their product too politically correct, meaning he disagrees with how data scientists are curating data sets and supervising the AI’s learning.

He believes prioritizing political correctness is also a way to skew information accuracy. 

This implication suggests his model might deepen already problematic bias concerns in AI — especially since he wants TruthGPT to influence political landscapes.

Biases are known to cause cybersecurity concerns in AI models. So, how could it possibly work well without hackers tampering with it?

Musk hasn’t publicly acknowledged this yet, despite the fact that cyberattacks increased by over 300% in 2020 alone and continue to increase yearly.

Hard to tell how this kind of thinking could help humans understand the truth of the universe, but apparently, Musk does what Musk wants.

Making besties of humans and AI

artificial intelligence hand bumping human and robot xAI

Yes, Musk’s mission statement for xAI is mostly nonexistent. However, stans can piece together an assumption. Musk has been vocal about his concerns about AI being a threat to society — a potential extinction event.

So, could an AI that knows everything about the universe be less likely to harm humans?

The people he’s working with, including Dan Hendrycks, the Executive Director for AI Safety, released an open letter signed by some of the top voices in the sector to collaborate on preventing extinction, nuclear war, and further pandemics.

Other notable signatories include Bill Gates and the CEO of OpenAI himself, Sam Altman. 

Elon Musk is not on the list, but based on previous news statements, one of the goals he may have for xAI is to reduce these supposed threats to humanity. Maybe, they’ll follow each other on Twitter.

xAI versus ChatGPT

Numerous AI companies work for and against each other to build the most accurate, powerful data sets.

Musk’s inclusion in the scene will make things more interesting because his methods will raise ethical questions and more discourse about what does and doesn’t make a sound artificial intelligence that benefits the planet. 

Whether xAI can achieve this with future tools like TruthGPT is hard to say, but it will inevitably take the world by storm.

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