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eSIM technology: Does eSIM have a bright future?

The trend to completely replace a SIM card with an eSIM is because of the promising future of technology.

Esim technology with person holding a phone
Image: Yesim

Despite the fact that eSIM technology was first implemented in a device in 2016, many smartphone users have no idea whether their gadgets are compatible with eSIM.

And what does eSIM even stand for? In the meantime, global demand for eSIMs is skyrocketing: there were 1.2 billion eSIM-enabled devices in 2021, which is forecast to rise to 3.4 billion by 2025.

eSIM versus SIM

esim chart

In simple words, an eSIM is also a card in a device, but it is embedded during manufacturing. It is virtually represented by a data set that can be activated anytime.

Unlike a regular SIM card, an eSIM is not strictly tied to one service provider.

It can be connected to any other operator, allowing you to use additional services that are more suitable for you or offered at better prices.

Most current models of smartphones support eSIM technology, allowing users to get all the advantages of switching between two cards–a SIM and an eSIM. 

Why is eSIM so beneficial to users? First and foremost, it is the value of time and money.

With this card, users have fewer problems traveling. They do not have to buy a local SIM card in a new country but can switch to a local operator with a few clicks.

At the same time, they can continue to use the services of their home mobile operators via a SIM plastic card on which all data is stored. Roaming is another big issue.

Usually, it is quite expensive when offered abroad by a domestic operator. Switching to an eSIM is one way to control your spending.

If a cell phone is lost or stolen, the user can immediately block a number and activate it with an eSIM on another device.

The eSIM can also help find a device, as operators can access the data and track the signal or block the card. Therefore, eSIM is truly convenient for world travelers.


hands on laptop keyboard and phone
Image: Unsplash

When developing the Yesim app, we kept in mind that instant connectivity is necessary in today’s digital world. Mobile internet traffic is now our daily routine.

A single compact device helps us communicate, learn, search, travel, entertain, etc. A smartphone is usually the first item we hold when we wake up.

We have Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Amazon, Netflix, and more in our pockets, with countless new ways to live and work.

As a personalized mobile internet application based on eSIM technology, Yesim is an effective solution for those who travel globally and need to be connected on the go.

You only need to download Yesim once and activate its international eSIM card. Then, you can use it in 130 countries without any limitations.

With the Yesim app on their smartphone, users are always online, and they no longer need local SIM cards, hunt for free Wi-Fi, or pay exorbitant roaming charges.

Besides, they can choose from different data plans depending on their destination and the travel duration. They are offered various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, to top up their wallets.

So, Yesim users always have the choice of which network provider and data plan to use for the best connectivity and expense management. 

The future is ours

Yesim app with image of phone in yellow background
Image: Yesim

At Yesim, our company is 100% sure of the promising future of eSIM technology. Our application experiences a rapidly increasing demand, with more than 1000 downloads daily.

The trend to completely replace a SIM card with an eSIM is obvious, at least in the recent presentation of the new iPhone 14.

Apple has discarded the infrastructure that supported physical SIM cards in favor of digital alternatives–eSIMs. These devices are now available in the U.S. and will soon appear in other markets.

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