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Is a more expensive microSD card better for your Nintendo Switch?

There are tons of microSD options out there. Read this to see what’s best for your Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo decided to go an interesting route when it comes to storage on its Switch consoles. The original console released in 2017 only came with 32 GB of internal storage. The company has since released the Switch OLED version, but even it only doubles the storage capacity to 64 GB.

Fortunately, all Switch consoles, including the Switch Lite, have the option to add more storage. Just under the kickstand on the back of the device (on the bottom, under the right thumbstick on a Switch Lite), you can find a slot for a microSD expansion storage card. Utilizing this extra storage will be pretty much required, considering the massive size of today’s game files.

Nintendo offers support for microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC. Of the three different platforms, microSDXC (extended capacity) is the largest, offering storage sizes up to 2 TB. With that much storage, you should have no problem fitting all of your Switch games on your console.

But what about speed? There are several different speed standards for microSD cards, each of which is exponentially faster than the previous. When you’re looking for a microSD card for your Switch, is getting the fastest card available the best option?

Will faster, more expensive microSD cards be better in your Nintendo Switch?

Short answer: Sometimes

Pretty vague, right? When you’re looking for a microSD card for your Switch, you probably shouldn’t go with the cheapest option available, but the most expensive option is probably a waste. Let me explain.

The Nintendo Switch is capable of utilizing microSD cards that fall under the UHS-I (Ultra High-Speed Class 1). UHS-I cards are theoretically capable of speeds up to 104 MB/s, but some manufacturers, like SanDisk, offer up to 150 MB/s on their own UHS-I cards.

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Knowing this, you might think that finding the fastest UHS-I card will be the best option for the Nintendo Switch, but that’s not quite the case either. Nintendo’s website says that the Switch supports microSD card speeds between 60 and 95 MB/s. That means that paying extra to get a proprietary option with much faster speeds is likely a waste.

When looking for a microSD card for your Nintendo Switch, it’s best to prioritize speed as long as you are taking advantage of the standard UHS-I speeds. Anything faster than 95 MB/s is most likely a waste when it comes to storage on your Nintendo Switch console.

If you are looking for a solid option, this officially licensed microSD card from SanDisk should be about perfect for your needs.

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