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How much storage comes with the Nintendo Switch OLED version?

Game files are huge, so lots of storage is a must-have these days.

nintendo switch oled model and stand
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While digital video games definitely offer a few benefits, like not having to go to a store, there’s also one major downside to the evolution: file sizes. Today’s video games are becoming absolutely massive and taking up tons of space on our storage drives. The console that probably struggles with this the most is the Nintendo Switch.

The original console only launched with 32 GB of internal storage, making it nearly impossible to install more than a couple of games on the console without some sort of external drive.

But Nintendo has since released a new version of the console. The Nintendo Switch OLED version comes with a couple of new features, including improved audio and a bigger and better display, but what about storage?

How much storage is in the Nintendo Switch OLED version?

Short answer: 64 GB

This time around, Nintendo did opt to go for a bit bigger storage, but not by much. Though the internal storage on the Switch OLED version is double the storage of the original, 64 GB still isn’t a lot by today’s standards.

Some of the bigger Switch games are pushing into the 30 GB range. That will eat up more than half of your available storage after considering all of the system’s software.

Fortunately, Nintendo makes it pretty easy to upgrade the storage on any Switch console, including the OLED version. There’s a slot for a microSD card right under the kickstand on the back of the console, so you can add plenty more storage to your console.

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