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LG thinks you should be rolling your phone instead of folding it

We don’t even have good folding phones and now this?

lg rollable smartphone
Image: LG

LG has been working on a rollable smartphone for years now, and we just got another glimpse of the device during the CES 2021 press conference. The smartphone-sized device literally stretches out into a tablet size when you pull the sides apart as if it was made of taffy.

First teased in the last few seconds of the press conference for the LG Wing last year, all we really know is that it will be called the LG Rollable. I’m sure this will lead to a surplus of “what were they smoking” jokes, but really the technology behind a rollable device is pretty impressive.

Packing a tablet-sized screen into a candybar phone’s size is impressive to begin with, but I do wonder what compromises had to be made. It’s probably that the battery life won’t be that impressive, as the battery takes up a considerable amount of space inside any smartphone.

Will the screen suffer from any creases from being stored rolled-up, like on many foldables? LG does have a long history of rollable TV sets though, so perhaps they’ve already ironed out any potential kinks.

When eventually released, the LG Rollable will go head-to-head with devices like Samsung’s Fold range, and the upcoming rollables from companies like TCL. Will we see the release of the LG Rollable in 2021?

Maybe, and we might even end up with two rollables this year. We’d caution that it’s probably worth waiting to see actual reviews before you earmark some cash, as the first generation of foldable devices had multiple issues.

Have any thoughts on this? Are you interested in a rollable phone? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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