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Everything we know about the Huawei P20

Today, we are going to dive deeper into the rumors that are swirling around the Huawei P20, so if you would like to learn more, stay tuned.

huawei p20

If you are a loyal fan of the Huawei smartphones, then you have probably heard the rumors already. The tech world is buzzing about the possibility of the arrival of the Huawei P20. This is big news since the next phone in line should be the P11. But Huawei is expected to break from tradition and name its new phone that is coming out sometime in 2018 the P20. But some are still calling the new phone the P11 which can be very confusing when trying to figure out which phone will be featured.

Today, we are going to dive deeper into the rumors that are swirling around the P20, so if you would like to learn more, stay tuned.

What We Have Heard About the Huawei P20

As we stated above, there are a lotof rumors going around about the Huawei P20. Below we will break down those rumors and determine which information is probably truthful. We will also take a look at each feature of the phone, so you can get a better idea of what to expect when the model does come out later this year.

The Camera

When rumors started flying around about the so-called Huawei P11, which is now also being referred to as the P20, the camera seemed to always come up in conversations. Some sources indicate that the new phone is going to have a rear facing camera with three-lens. Each lens will be enhanced by Lecia. Additionally, the camera system may also feature artificial intelligence which would likely be driven by Kirin 970 using the Neural Processing Unit.

huawei p20 camera

Image: Weibo/TechnoCodex

Huawei has used a two-lens camera display in the past so taking it to the next level with a three-lens camera is something they were bound to try. Also, they have used AI technology before on the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. In 2017, promotional materials were leaked by someone inside the company. This material suggested that the new phone would have the capability to take 40 megapixels pictures as well as have a 5x hybrid zoom. This would make taking pictures in low light conditions much easier.

The Design

When it comes to design, Huawei has always worked hard to produce fashionable smartphones. In 2017, the company experimented with minimal bezels around the screen of their P line phones. So in 2018, we just might see the same. A leaked photo of the new Huawei P20 shows a vertically stacked dual-lens and a convenient fingerprint sensor that is located just above the camera lens. The front of the P20 will likely have a chin bezel combined with an attractive screen notch at the top. This design is much like the Apple iPhone X.

You might be wondering what happened to the three-lens stack we talked about? A recent case rendering of the new a Huawei P20 does seem to suggest that the camera will indeed have a three-lens array.

Face Unlock

In 2017, many different phone makers came out with face unlock technology. This new security feature was really popular among consumers so its only natural that Huawei would try to incorporate the feature on the new P20 series. In fact, Honor which is a sub-brand of Huawei talked about developing a face unlock program too.


The new Huawei P20 will likely be powered by Android that will be customized with its own user interface called EMUI. The P20 may feature the latest Android 8.0 Oreo software but there are not many rumors out there supporting this claim.


It is likely that the new P20 will use the Kirin 90 chip and many different rumors help to confirm this. The phone will also probably have an 8GB of RAM which is massive. The Kirin chip would also give the phone onboard AI to the P20 which is very exciting.

Release Date and Name

huawei p20 release date

Image: Huawei

It seems there will be a regular P20, a P20 Plus, and a P20 LTE. Each of these phones will likely have different price points which will give consumers more options. But when will these phones see the light of day? Since Huawei released the P10 at the Mobile World Congress in 2017, chances are that the P20 line will also be released at the same venue. Also, at the end of 2017, an importer from Israel was given a shipment date of between April or June of 2018.

Now how about the official name of the phone? Will it actually be called the P20 or will it take the name of the P11? A recent Twitter post can shed some light on this subject. According to the post, there will be three models of the P20 which we already learn about above. The P20 and P20 Plus will likely come in twilight colors and also in ceramic black. The P20 LTE, on the other hand, will come in pink, black and blue.


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