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Samsung is working on two more folding smartphones because hey why not

Fold my soul.

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Image: Samsung

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From the sound of it, Samsung isn’t content with having just one folding smartphone available on the market. According to anonymous sources who spoke exclusively to Bloomberg, the company is currently developing two more folding phones, with one reportedly coming out later this year.

One of the folding phones the company is working on won’t look like anything like the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s first foray into the world of folding smartphones. Instead, one of the newer ones it is working on will feature a vertical flip design, similar to something Motorola Razr is working on. According to the report, the phone could feature a screen on the outside, but according to Bloomberg’s reporting, the company hasn’t nailed down anything specific in terms of design.

The report goes on to add that this device is slated for a late 2019 or early 2020 release.

The other new folding phone from Samsung

The other folding smartphone Samsung is working on will look a lot like Huawei’s Mate X, going as far as implementing a screen that folds outwards, similar to the Mate X. Bloomberg’s sources claim that the phone is in its early prototype stage. However, what is known is that it will be a whole lot thinner than the Galaxy Fold. Additionally, Samsung is even thinking about including an in-display fingerprint sensor.

That’s about the extent of Bloomberg’s report. Now, keep in mind, all of this information was acquired from anonymous sources – so take everything you’ve read here with a grain of salt. We can’t verify if this is true or not since it’s not coming directly from Samsung.

The one thing I do know is that Samsung desperately needs to release another folding smartphone because honestly, I don’t think the company’s Galaxy Fold is going to cut it, let alone at that ghastly price point. But hey, you can decide that for yourself.

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