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Fortnite players will soon have the chance to participate in a high-stakes heist

Ok, this looks cool.

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Image: Epic Games

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Fortnite is still relevant. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised, but with Epic Games continuing to release new, fun aspects to their game, fans will continue to hop on the Battle Bus and see what is new.

Such is the case with its newest mode, The Getaway, which looks to offer something never seen before by Fortnite players. Basically, in the mode, you’ll be teamed up with three other players with one main objective: steal a big-ass jewel.

The mode looks to be limited to teams of four, with four safes scattered throughout the map. Your job is to locate this safe, break into it, steal the aforementioned jewel, and make your way to the escape van. As someone who put down Fortnite weeks ago, this is the type of stuff I come back for. Unique modes, fancy skins, and new weapons.

Speaking of skins and weapons, the new mode looks to offer a slew of new customization items for players to purchase, including the snazzy all-white suit. It can be customized with four different masks that are themed around playing cards.

Also being introduced is a grappling hook of sorts, that uses a plunger to propel people to places they couldn’t reach by simply jumping. While not as overpowering as something like the jetpack from previous releases, this seems to be a happy medium. Check out the clip below.

The mode is scheduled to release tomorrow, and like many of the events, should only stick around for a week or two. While speculations are still varied on what to expect from Season 6 of Fortnite, could this be hinting at something yet to come?

Oh, and what’s up with that strange cube that is rolling around the map?

Still playing Fortnite? Ready to try your hand as a jewel thief? Let us know below.

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