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Cinematic adventure, Forgotton Anne, makes its way to Switch in 2019

They couldn’t forget about the Switch.

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Forgotton Anne is not your traditional platformer or puzzle title. The game is challenging, but not necessarily punishing. You’ll fall, but Anne always gets back up. Whether that is from wings that slow her decent or simply pure determination, Anne will dust herself off and you can continue your game.

This is because it is about the story as much as anything, and what a story it is. While I will refrain from spoiling anything, the game features memorable characters and a story that will keep you engaged and invested in the characters.

Basically, you play as Anne, as you try to manage, enforce, and keep things in check in The Forgotten Lands. Ruled by Master Bonku, you two are the only humans to be found, while the rest of the characters are made up by talking lamps, suitcases, and even a talking gun.

From the release, “Forgotton Anne reveals the hidden dimension where all mislaid items from the human world – the odd socks, the lost letters, the missing toys – are sent to linger. It’s the job of the Forgotlings – creatures formed out of all of these missing items – to help the trapped Anne and Master Bonku find their way home.”

The art style is beautiful and the story, while somewhat simple, is masterfully told. The game was originally available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but now, gamers will have the chance to play it on Nintendo Switch. While no firm release date is available, we know that it will release in 2019, rounding out all console releases for the title.

Have you played Forgotton Anne? Plan on picking it up for the Switch? Let us know below.

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