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It looks like the massively popular Fortnite is coming to Switch

Fortnite is really trying to be everywhere.

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You’ve heard of Fortnite, everyone has heard of Fortnite, and if this latest information from Eurogamer is accurate, it will be announced very soon for the Nintendo Switch.

This leak comes from none other than 4chan and was included in a dump of information surrounding the games Nintendo would be featuring at the upcoming E3 event this year. Coincidentally, another hint was made this morning, in the form of a Korean games rating board, which showed “[(Fortnite] Nintendo Switch]” in a tweet.

Fortnite has slowly taken over the gaming world, not only with its number of players, but the fact that it is available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and iOS. There is also an Android version coming this summer.

Made popular as a free version of a battle royale game, that, at the time, was dominated by the likes of PUBG, the unique style and building aspects quickly shot the game to stardom.

Not all is good in the world of Fortnite and its creator, Epic Games, however, as recently the company behind PUBG, Bluehole, filed a lawsuit against Epic Games, claiming copyright violations in regards to the UE4 engine that PUBG uses, that is owned by Epic Games.

For many gamers, Bluehole’s actions are a desperate attempt for relevancy, when just a few months ago, PUBG was the largest game in the world. It was quickly unseated by the free-to-play Fortnite, however.

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