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All iOS players can download Fortnite for free, no invite needed

No need for friends! Play now!

fortnite being played on phone
Image: Forbes

Fornite players rejoice! You officially do not need a beta code to play Fortnite on mobile. Anybody who owns an iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPad mini 4, or iPad Air 2 running on iOS 11 can download the game and jump into Tilted Towers! Epic dropped the news yesterday morning on Twitter.

When Fortnite for iOS first launched, it was only available to players who received an invite code. Epic included additional codes to give out to friends with the initial invite launch wave. Players who play Fortnite on mobile can also play with other friends through Epic’s free-to-play platform. If you want to give it a go, download the game from the App Store here.

It has been a wild year for Epic, as Fortnite has risen to milestone heights in sales, popularity, and household notoriety. A part of the rise to fame is due to content creators blowing the scene wide open with YouTube and Twitch streams, like Ninja playing with Drake for example.

Epic’s free-to-play model is kept alive thanks to in-game items, costumes, dances, and an option three-month “service” through seasonal battle passes. Aside from the fact that Fortnite is fun as hell to play, the game is continuously updated with patches, new modes, guns, and more.

Last week the lastest mode to hit the game, snipers-only, hit the line-up replacing the faster-paced blitz mode. Epic likes to try out different modes instead of the usual solo, duo, and squad options with fun, different types to keep the game fresh. As well, a self-control RPG missile weapon was added on top of in-game clues that hint towards the impending doom of the most popular landing town in Fortnite, Tilted Towers. Fans are scrambling around forums exchanging theories about the hints. Epic continues to draw more fans in, and it looks like there is nothing but success in their mind.

Have you tried out Fortnite on iOS yet? What do you think about the impossible-to-escape game being readily available on mobile devices? Let us know down below!

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