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Can’t log in to Fortnite but want to see the new cinematic and new skins? We’ve got you covered

A sneak peek at what’s in Season 5 of Fortnite.

If you are like most gamers out there, you woke up and are currently waiting for Fortnite to update for Season 5. That or you can’t get access to the game yet and are hoping to see what is coming out. Either way, the folks at Reddit were able to get a teaser of the Battle Pass skins and also the opening cinematic. It’s pretty cool that the concept of Worlds Collide literally has to do with the world of Fortnite crossing over into our world and I do definitely appreciate seeing brand new character models, instead of seeing the same 6 dressed up over and over again.

Here’s Season 5’s really cool cinematic!

Here’s a really neat video that showcases everything and also shows the new way skins will work this season, as well as a few new surprises!

Oh, would you like to see the NEW map? Here you go!

Fortnite map

Are you excited for Season 5 of Fortnite, or do you honestly not have a care in the world. Let us know below!

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