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Developer brings Game Boy games to life on Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro takes a trip down memory lane with Game Boy games.

A person playing a game on a Game Boy Advance with a television displaying YouTube in the background; the couch and living room setting are slightly out of focus.

The past meets the future in the most unexpected way. The Apple Vision Pro, the latest and greatest from Apple, is now a home for Game Boy games, thanks to the relentless efforts of developer Riley Testut.

As originally pointed out by The Verge, Testut updated his iOS app, GBA4iOS–a nostalgic nod that emulates Nintendo Game Boy games on the iPhone.

Christened ‘GBA4vOS’, the update utilizes the Apple Vision Pro to breathe new life into old classics, giving you two unique ways to get your retro fix.

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First off, imagine a Game Boy so large you could walk around it, with buttons as big as your palm. As absurd as it sounds, it’s as hilarious to play as AltStore.io claims.

The second approach, on the other hand, brings sharper modernity into play. Using your pinches to activate gyro controls brings a new spin to classics like WarioWare: Twisted.

While the functionality may sound niche, it beats a testament to the inherent possibilities for more thoughtful design in the future.


The second approach, conversely, is a savvy integration of gyro controls, an innovative option to spin a classic gaming experience with Warioware: Twisted. 

Riley isn’t stopping at nostalgia. In a recent post, he showcased a prototype of floating Game Boy Advance within the Apple Vision Pro, complete with touchable buttons – much like typing using the headset. Apart from the giant Game Boy, this view seems more intuitive.

What is GBA4iOS?

Three smartphones against a purple background, each displaying a different classic Game Boy game on their screens: Pokémon Red, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX, and Pokémon Yellow.
Image: KnowTechie

GBA4iOS X–a refined version of the highly-favoured GBA4iOS app–is due to hit the App Store soon. The update will offer gamers an easier emulation experience of Game Boy games across any iPhone

The GBA4iOS announcement promises ‘Event Distribution,’ giving you unique new characters and events, literally hosting an event where digital can shake hands with nostalgia.

Let’s be honest: there’s a delightfully ridiculous thrill to play a blast-from-the-past Game Boy game with futuristic Apple tech. Call it silly, call it madness, or maybe – just maybe – this is gaming nostalgia getting a flashy new paint job.

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