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Apple Vision Pro users experiment wearing it without the light seal

The Vision Pro is already getting its own trends.

render of the apple vision ar headset on a purple background
Image: Apple/KnowTechie

Apple’s Vision Pro launch day finally arrived, and users have started getting their hands on the company’s first mixed-reality headset. However, amid the excitement, it was revealed that a few Vision Pro owners are trying to wear the headset in an interesting new way. 

According to a Reddit thread, some Vision Pro owners are wearing the headset in a non-standard configuration without the large light seal attached.

X users Ray Wong and Scott Stein have posted images in their respective X/Twitter posts, accurately articulating this seemingly new way of wearing the Vision Pro headset. 

Vision Pro without the light seal is lighter

a black woman wearing an apple vision pro headset
Image: Apple

According to the X/Twitter users, wearing Apple’s headset without the large light seal provides a more impactful sense of immersion and a wider effective field of view as it lessens the distance between the user’s eyes and the headset’s lenses.

In addition, users have to carry less weight on their heads. 

If it wasn’t immediately obvious, Apple doesn’t recommend wearing its mixed-reality headset this way.

The light seal prevents light and glare from disturbing users from the content being displayed on the screens by light leakage. So, the light seal is essential if you want a fully immersive experience.

However, in the passthrough mode, using the headset without the seal feels like a pair of glasses with thick frames.

At the moment, there seem to be no issues without the seal. We are unsure about the effects on eyes, fit, and durability of using Vision Pro in this non-standard way. 

On the other hand, we are also unsure if the headset’s stems can handle such an amount of weight in the long term. 

Possibly, visionOS may show an error stating that the user’s eyes are too close to the screen, or users may find it hard to focus on content if they use the headset like this for an extended period. 

Either way, this is a fun experiment that could result in design revision for the future version of Apple Vision Pro. 

Some users are also experimenting with alternative ways to attach Vision Pro to their faces.  

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