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GE finally adds a splash of color to its range of smart light bulbs

Oh, and they have now native Google Home compatibility.

c by ge lights in a bright room
Image: GE

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GE has long had a pretty wide range of lighting and control options for your connected home, and now that range is becoming even more well-rounded. Coming in the second quarter of 2019, color-changing bulbs will finally be added to the spectrum.

Like the rest of the C by GE line, you won’t need an extra hub to control the new bulbs with Google Home. GE’s lights used to only connect via Bluetooth, so you were limited in when and how you could control them.

The Google Home integration allows you to connect them to your WiFi network, so you can control them even if you’re not in the building. If you’re an Alexa household, you’ll need the $50 C-Reach plug-in hub to bridge the gap. You’ll also be able to use Siri to control them later this year, via Apple’s Homekit, also needing the hub.

“C” them in action

When they arrive, GE’s color-changing lights will come in three forms. A standard size, A19-shaped bulb ($40), a BR30-shaped floodlight ($45), and a set of color-changing rope lights ($75). That’s in-line with the existing products on the market while rounding out GE’s selection of lighting.

GE and the Made by Google program

GE joined the Made by Google program late last year, which means the whole range of smart lights, light switches, smart plugs and motion sensors will all be natively supported by Google Home. Most smart lighting systems need a mix of products from different manufacturers to fully control, so GE having the full selection of controls and lighting without going outside the brand is a big plus.

GE’s lighting is the first to come out of the Made by Google program, which promises that the devices will work with Pixel and Google Home. This partnership could well be in response to Philips’ partnership with Amazon, where owners of the Echo Plus or Echo Show can have direct control over Philips Hue smart lights.

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