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Gmail for Android now lets you switch email accounts with a simple swipe – here’s how

Why was this available on iOS first?

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Image: Google

Gmail for Android is finally getting the fast profile switching feature that iOS users have been using since May. Now, you’ll be able to swipe on your profile picture to swap between the email accounts added to your Gmail app, saving you precious seconds every time.

That aside, it’s really weird that it took Google this many months to add it to the Android version of its own app. Maybe they were using iOS as a beta test?

Here’s the new way to switch email accounts in Gmail for Android

GIF: KnowTechie

There’s literally one step to switch between your email accounts in version 2019.08.18 of the Gmail for Android app:

  • Find your profile picture at the top right of the screen and swipe up or down on it
  • Profit

Isn’t that great? You can still tap on your profile picture to change between accounts as usual, just in case your muscle memory doesn’t want to learn the swipe.

Oh, and those of you waiting patiently for a dark mode to arrive in the Gmail app, you might not have to wait much longer. The app’s widget and splash screen have a dark background when the system-wide dark mode is set, signs that the inbox view will be getting the dark treatment soon.

The new profile switching feature is rolling out to users on the Play Store right now, so keep checking those inboxes…

What do you think? Glad to see this Gmail feature land on Android? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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