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You can now use Google Fit on your iOS device through Apple Health sync

It will even pull your previous health data from iOS to give you a fuller picture.

google fit on ios
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If you’re deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem, but would rather let Google track your fitness goals, you’ll be glad to know that Google Fit is now available on iOS. It’s the revamped, Material Theme version that Android users have had since last August, with the new addition of full Apple Health integration.

Google worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA) to create the “smart activity goals” that are at the heart of the new Google Fit app. Move Minutes are earned for any time you’re physically active, even for doing chores around the home. Exercise comes in lots of forms, after all.

Heart Points are the next level up from Move Minutes, aimed at recording those more strenuous activities

Such as “a brisk walk that’s over 100 steps per minute.” You can even turn it up another notch from that, with intense workouts gaining you double points per minute. Both Move Minutes and Heart Points are represented as rings around your profile image in the app’s home tab. You’ll also get the rest of the relevant metrics below those rings, like step count, calories burned, and miles traveled, with in-depth graphs below that if you really want to dive in.

Historical fitness data gets stored in the Journal tab, including data from other synced apps such as Nike Run Club and Headspace. It’s not just workout data stored, with your sleep getting tracked so you can adjust your habits as needed.

Google Fit also adjusts your activity goals as time goes on, using your progress to shift the goalposts so you’re pushed but not overwhelmed. Step and distance data is pulled from the tracked data stored in Apple Health, which comes from your iPhone or Apple Watch if you have one.

With Google’s push into the healthcare sector, eventually Google Fit will likely be using all the data it collects to suggest actionable insights into your personal health. Until that day, you can grab the Google Fit app on the App Store and track your health data over time.

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