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Google made a free game builder that lets any scrub make a game

No coding required.

google game builder
Image: Google

Google’s in-house startup incubator, Area 120, just launched Game Builder, a free game-making tool that needs no coding.

The aim is to “make building a game feel like playing a game,” reducing the barrier to entry for budding game designers.

Game Builder is now available on Steam

The drag-and-drop, card-based programming system used in Game Builder should make anyone who’s used IFTTT feel right at home. You can create full-featured games just with the pre-programmed cards, or create your own with Javascript. The Javascript tool shows your code in real-time, so you can debug and learn all at the same time.

Game Builder is also designed to be collaborative, so multiple people can work on the same game at the same time. There are thousands of 3D models to use in the program, or you can import almost any models you find on the internet.

Google says you can throw games together in ten minutes, or spend hours/days/weeks/forever creating your masterpiece:

If you have the burning need to create games (without the crushing development cycle of major studios), you can download Game Builder for PC or Mac from Steam.

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