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Google introduces virtual business cards to India – here’s everything you need to know

Perfect for influencers, professionals, and more.

Google people cards
Image: KnowTechie

In the last few months, Google has strengthened its India strategy, first by investing in Jio, then by committing to several India-focused initiatives. Soon after, they announced the arrival of the Pixel 4a in India, probably at some point during October. On top of that, Google introduced its new Search Feature that helps people to be discovered easier online.

The new Search feature is especially appealing to influencers, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, journalists, freelancers, scientists, researchers, and other authority figures that want to create a personalized identity. Thanks to their personalized identity, they will become easily discoverable. The feature is called people cards, and its existence is justified by the fact that people of the second-biggest internet market in the world show a great affinity toward searching their names on Google.

As a result, everyone will be able to create a personalized card. At the moment, the people cards feature is available only in English. Still, it is only a matter of time until it will be available in other Indian languages.

With all that said, it is more than obvious that Google is trying to compete with LinkedIn, which, as we all know, is owned by one of their biggest rivals – Microsoft.

How do people cards work?

Every user in India can create a personalized people card by giving details about themselves. But first, they need to sign up through their existing Google account or open a new one, if they don’t have one.

Google people cards

Image: Google

Next, the user needs to look up their name. That will generate a prompt called “Get Started” or “Add me to Search.” After the user chooses either of the two options, a new form is introduced, which will ask the users to add their pictures and create a description of themselves. Furthermore, users can add links to their social media profiles and personal website. It’s optional to add email addresses, phone numbers, educational details, etc.

In a recent blog post made by Google’s Lauren Clark, product manager for search at Google, she notes that the more data the user gives, the better. It will make finding others via the Search feature a lot easier. At the moment, one user can create one card. In the same blog post, she explained that Google has several methods to identify and deal with spammy content, low-quality data, and impersonators.

Clark also stated that if you don’t want your people card to appear in the search anymore, you can delete it.

What do you think? Is this feature something you’d like to see in more places? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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