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Google is apparently blessing some Google Assistant users with a free Home Mini

Yo, let me holla at one, Google.

Google home mini free offer
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Google’s annual hardware event is coming up and it seems that the company is drumming up some buzz by giving some Google Assistant users the chance to win a free Google Home Mini.

Reports first started coming in earlier this week that Google apps and services were occasionally popping up an offer for the free smart speaker. Now, it’s not totally free, but you only have to pay shipping charges so that’s not bad at all.

It was first reported in places like Germany and Austria, where users have seen offers since October 1. From there, it made its way to more locations before hitting the US.

According to SlashGear, a variety of apps have given prompts about free Home Minis. This includes the Google App (Search), Google Assistant, YouTube (regular and Premium), and Gmail. Others have noted that the offer showed up in Google Drive, but SlashGear was unable to confirm at the time of writing.

This is definitely an interesting move by Google to drum up interest, but let’s be honest here, it’s not just all for marketing buzz. Chances are that Google is releasing a new Home Mini at its Made by Google event, so this is probably just an efficient way to clear out old stock.

What do you think? Have you seen the pop-up? Plan on looking for it now? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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