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Google Lens will soon scan a bill and calculate the tip for you because math is hard

Oh, and it can show you the most ordered stuff on the menu too.

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Love eating out with friends? Hate the inevitable argument over how to tip, split the bill, or even what to order? Well, Google seems to hate those too, as the search giant just supersized Google Lens. Thank’s to Google’s annual I/O developers conference; we got our first look at it.

Just by pointing your camera at your receipt, the AI will automatically calculate your tip, or even help you split the tab. Thanks for saving our friendships Google.

google lens tip calculator

Image: Screenshot / Twitter

That’s not the only trick coming to Google Lens

While you’re ordering, waving your camera at the menu will highlight a restaurant’s most popular dishes. Fantastic if you’ve never been to the hottest spot in town before, or if you want to choose something a little different. Tapping on the names of the dishes will also pull up photos from the web of those dishes that have been tagged by other users. Yelp who?

Image: Google

Google Assistant can also get into the act helping to book those restaurant slots directly from search results. That all happens through the magic of Google Duplex, which was released last year in a more constrained form.

I’ve loved having it answer my spam calls on my Pixel 3 and I can’t wait to have AI make all my dinner reservations. Talking to people is so last century.

As with all Google announcements, timeline details are pretty sparse. We know it’ll happen “this year” but other than that it’s anyone’s guess.

Have any thoughts on this? Plan on using any of these new features? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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