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Google is trying to introduce shopping links in YouTube videos

Ads. Ads everywhere.

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Image: Boing Boing

Google is testing a new method to get users to buy things from their very own Google Express marketplace. The new method in question includes the inclusion of shopping links under YouTube videos, according to The Information.

Google is displaying recommended products along with their respective prices below YouTube videos. Test ads have been popping up for users and clicking on these ads takes users to the Google Express marketplace to complete their purchase.

This comes as no surprise, as we’ve known that Google has been actively working on expanding its Express marketplace

More retailers are joining Express to increase their sale revenue. This move comes in light of Amazon’s ad business growing as Google’s primary source of income are ads and they need to expand their streams of revenue.

The search giant takes a cut from goods sold through Express and reports indicate that the platform is said to have pulled in a little under $1 billion is 2018 which, comparatively, is very low in front of Amazon’s  $141 billion revenue gathered in North America last year.

The company is holding an event later this month called Google Marketing Live. Google has revealed ad products during this event in the past so we can expect something similar this time around. The I/O developer conference is upcoming next week so, hopefully, Google can tell us a bit more about these YouTube product ads soon.

What do you think? Would shopping links link this on YouTube bother you? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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