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TikTok now shows you which topics it thinks you care about

And you can also opt out of personalized ads for each category.

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Image: KnowTechie

TikTok has added a section to its settings and privacy features that shows users exactly what the app thinks they are interested in for the purpose of targeted advertising.

Additionally, users now have the ability to opt-out of targeted ads based on the different categories.

This revelation comes from social media consultant Matt Navarra. Navarra shared a screenshot on their Twitter page showing the new interests page in the TikTok privacy menu.

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There, they found several different categories that TikTok has inferred are of interest to the user.

You can find this page within the TikTok app by heading to Profile>Settings and Privacy>Privacy. From there, select Ads Personalization and then How your ads are personalized.

This will bring up a list of categories that TikTok has tied to your account. The app then uses those categories to sell personalized and targeted advertisements explicitly tailored for each user.

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Not only is TikTok being transparent about what kind of information it uses for targeted ads, but it also gives users the ability to opt-out of those ads pretty easily.

tiktok personalized ads settings
Image: KnowTechie

Users can choose any of the categories found in the list and turn off personalized ads specific to that category. For example, if you don’t want to see personalized ads related to apps on TikTok, you can simply turn them off through this menu.

This is a pretty handy feature from TikTok. By now, most of us know that these social platforms are harvesting tons of user data on a regular basis.

It’s nice that TikTok at least gives us the illusion of control with the ability to choose what kind of targeted ads we see on the platform.

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