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Google now lets you delete the last 15 mins of your search history

The feature, now available on Android, has been available on iOS since last year.

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A feature that Google announced at I/O 2021 is finally coming to the Android app. That’s the ability to nuke the last fifteen minutes of your search history, in case you forgot to put it into Incognito.

The handy feature came to the iOS version of the Google app last year. It appears on the menu that appears when you tap on your profile picture. This guide shows you how.

It’s nice that it only takes a couple of taps; as most scenarios that have you wanting to delete the last fifteen minutes of search history are probably also time-constrained.

It’s cool that Google has finally decided that its own app on its own operating system deserved some love. It only took nine months, so maybe Google thinks this feature is its baby?

The only place that doesn’t let you one-click the last 15 minutes of your browsing history? Google Chrome on your desktop.

The shortest time period you can delete there is an hour, which might mean deleting things you actually wanted a record of.

C’mon Google, add a button to delete the last 15 minutes of browser history to the desktop version of Chrome. We need it.

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