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Google Docs now lets you write Gmail messages with others

The feature could be great for teams working together.

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The last few years of work from home have spurred innovation in collaborative tools. Google Docs was one of the first to market, and now it’s expanding into email. Yes, you’ll be able to send emails from inside Google Docs and even write them with others.

It’s a neat trick and seems straightforward to use. While using Docs to create, using the @ menu to highlight an email brings up a draft template.

You can even work on the email together if other people are signed into your shared Workspace at the time. Once done, hit the Gmail M logo and it’ll autofill a normal Gmail compose window with the details of your draft.

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Google docs showing the new inbuilt email function
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That could be a killer feature for enterprise use. Imagine having your mentor skim over your emails before you send them, to avoid any embarrassing mistakes. It could be a job-saver if you’re new to the corporate world.

Google Docs had the lead in marketshare vs Microsoft’s Office 365 back at the end of 2020. Since then, Google has rolled out Google Workspace, which merges Gmail, Docs, and Chat into one unified experience.

Aimed at more fluid collaboration, Workspace has been adding features constantly since its launch.

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Google Docs users started to get the email collaboration tool yesterday, with an “extended rollout” starting March 22. Every Google Workspace or G Suite customer will be able to use it.

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