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Green message bubbles on Apple devices are turning teens away from Android

That blue iMessage bubble just looks so much better.

imessage bubble
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For years now, iPhone users have been a part of an exclusive club of sorts with the company’s iMessage texting platform. As it turns out, having that prestigious blue texting bubble is enough for teenagers to stay away from non-Apple devices.

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal released an article looking offering some insight into why young people want to stay away from the dreaded green text bubble on iMessage. Apparently, today’s peer pressure leads young people to prefer Apple devices so they can have that sweet, blue text bubble.

One college student told The Journal, “I’ve had people with Androids apologize that they have Androids and don’t have iMessage.”

Another spoke about how she and her sister would poke fun at potential dates that had green messages. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, his texts are green,’ and my sister literally went, ‘Ew that’s gross.'”

And Apple certainly knows that its iMessage platform has turned into a major draw for its devices.

As a part of the recent Epic vs. Apple lawsuit where Epic Games claimed that Apple was acting as a monopoly, it was revealed that Apple intentionally kept iMessage off of other platforms in order to “lock-in” customers to the Apple ecosystem.

Apple has definitely created an appealing ecosystem with its family of devices.

With iCloud, iMessage, and tons of other exclusive features, it’s no real surprise that young people prefer Apple devices over other options by a pretty wide margin. And I’d be willing to bet that the company isn’t giving up on its exclusive ecosystem any time soon.

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