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Hackers have been breaking into NFL Twitter accounts ahead of the Super Bowl

Third-party platforms seem to be the culprit.

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Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and all of the social media accounts connected to the NFL have been readying for the Big Game. Well, 15 team Twitter accounts and the main NFL Twitter account have not because those all got hacked by OurMine, the Saudi Arabia-based hacker collective.

Several teams were also hacked on Facebook and Instagram.

Several NFL teams had their social media accounts hacked over the weekend

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Image: Twitter

A handful of NFL team Twitter accounts showed similar messages to the one in the image above over the weekend, as they got hacked. Twitter says the hack happened through a third-party platform, and that they locked the affected accounts as soon as they learned of the issue. Hopefully, Twitter support will work faster with the NFL teams to help them regain their accounts before Super Bowl Sunday arrives.

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Teams like the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys were also hacked on Facebook and Instagram, showing that even large organizations could do better at securing their accounts. I’d love to know which third-party platform enabled these hacks, so I can close my account if I already have one. I mean, there are so many tools out there that help with our social media posts and it’s worrying to know that some of them can make us vulnerable to hackers.

What do you think? Surprised that social media hacks like this are still happening? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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