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Here’s how to build a Star Wars triple lightsaber

Are you trying to get your hands on one of thew new Star Wars triple lightsaber? This guide will teach you how to make one!

How to build a lightsaber

In just over 7 months the latest Star Wars movie The Force Awakens will be upon us.

You have no doubt seen the trailers & got all nostalgic over Han and Chewie running around like it’s still 1977. Hell, you probably shed a tear over the Millenium Falcon swooping on to your screen once more.

Sadly I lost my shit when the dark hooded figure (rumoured to be Rylo Ken) drew his three bladed red lightsaber for the first time. As a lover of lightsaber collectibles I remember being in awe of Mace Windu’s fetching violet blade, so when I saw this cool guide from on how to make your own 3-bladed lightsaber with some LEDs & a couple of metres of plastic tubing I was sold.

So as it’s Star Wars Day & there’s nothing better to do why not give it a try…

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