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Here’s what I think about Google Play Pass after using it for a week

Is it worth it or is it a hard pass…

google play pass
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Google Play Pass is now live, and just like a good little Google fan, I rushed to the Play Store to subscribe. I mean, it’s $2 per month for the first year, so why not?

So, I’m a week in and do I think it was worth my 50 cents so far?

Is Google Play Pass worth it?

Okay, if you like to do some of your gaming on the go, Play Pass is great (currently). There’s stuff like Stardew Valley, Limbo, and my new favorite, the hand-made puzzler Lumino City. You’ll have to use your phone to access the selection though, as I’ve not found a way to see the Play Pass landing page via my desktop browser.

All of these games are worth the subscription on their own. I mean, normally they’re $5 or so, and except for Stardew, don’t have a great deal of replay value. Getting them via subscription makes sense to me.

Play Pass is let down by the selection of premium apps though

I’ve looked through the whole library and the only useful app is Moon+ Reader Pro, which is usually $4.99. The rest of the non-gaming selection is third-rate voice recorders, how-to apps, video, and picture editors and similar things that you probably wouldn’t spend money on anyway as there are better apps that do the same thing for free.

I’m still sticking with my “it’s worth it, if you game” assessment for now. I’ll revisit this after a couple months and I finish the current game selections to see if Google can keep the momentum going with adding new games. Maybe Stadia can be rolled into the Play Pass, for a one-stop-shop for mobile Android gaming. Now that would be worth the subscription fee.

What do you think? Interested in Google’s Play Pass? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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