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How a good website can positively impact your company’s sales

It is already known that in this digital day and age, a website is required to have any success. However, what some people are still not aware of, is that a good website can actually have an impact on the sales of a company.

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Do you realize that your website is the power of your sales force? By offering the possibility of being accessed from anywhere and at any time, your website is the first contact that the customer will have with your brand. So, study and plan the site very well before putting it live. In addition, there are a few tips and practices that can be adopted, which will result in increased sales.

First of all, it is important to define your target audience and what communication line to use. They both need to be aligned with what your customers expect, and so they can feel comfortable navigating the site – and return whenever necessary. Have a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigability, so that any information can be found quickly.

Try to foresee what the most common doubts on the part of your consumers will be, by creating a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section and make it as complete as possible. Whenever you notice the same questions popping in your inbox, and the answer is not yet on the site, post it in the FAQ. This demonstrates that you care about your consumer, realize what their needs are, and are trying to solve them.

Another very important point to leverage your sales through a website site is well positioned before the “eye” of Google. Work the content of the site to an optimal level, in order for your site to appear in the first few results when a user searches for related keywords. Those are the ones users tend to click first, so it is key to be among them.

A strategy that can be seen as a good example is the one put in place by Medical Shipment. This company does the vast majority of its sales online through its website, and have a motto that clearly indicates what they want to do: “Clean, Easy, Simple”. They apply it to their online shopping process, causing the online ordering to be done in a clean, easy and simple way for the customers.

If needed, hire a specialized agency so that it can work out a set of strategies to maximize and improve your site’s positioning on natural (organic) results pages on search engines, thus generating higher conversion rates in things like leads, purchases, form submissions, or another contact type. This is an investment that will be worth it in the long run.

It is also important to always keep your site up to date. Add the new services, or products, that are already available in your portfolio –  this shows that the company is concerned with delivering innovation and creating solutions to meet the needs of its consumers.

If possible, add customer testimonials as well, because it helps strengthen the image of your business with visitors, (and, who knows, potential customers). People are much more likely to believe what others have to say about you, rather than believing what you have to say about yourself.

If your company website is already live, make these changes gradually, so as not to cause strangeness in the user. If you are considering launching a new site, consider how you can implement these suggestions and thus leverage your revenue.

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