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How to change the name Siri uses on iOS and Mac

Sick of Siri calling you by your real name? You have options.

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If you’re done hearing your tired old name and want to try something else, Apple’s AI assistant can help. When configured correctly, you can change the name Siri uses on iOS and Mac.

Perhaps you’ve invented a slick nickname for yourself that never took off. Or maybe you like someone else’s name better and want to claim it as your own. Frankly, Siri doesn’t care what your reasons are. She simply aims to serve.

By design, the name Siri uses comes from your personal contact card, which means that creating a fake entry for your fresh identity is enough to persuade her to make the change. Let’s discuss the process for adding a sham contact and directing Siri to your new name.

Change the name Siri uses on iPhone and iPad

Here’s how to change the name Siri calls you in iOS:

  1. Launch the Contacts app and tap the Plus (+) button to create a new card
how to add a contact on ios
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  1. Enter the name you want Siri to use and tap Done
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  1. Go to Settings > Siri & Search
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  1. Tap My Information and select the new contact
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That’s it. Siri will now refer to you as whatever you entered on the new card.

Change the name Siri uses on Mac

Here’s how to change the name Siri calls you in macOS:

Open the Contacts app
Click the Plus (+) button and select New Contactadd a contact on mac
Enter the name you want Siri to use and click Donechange name for siri on mac
Select the new entry, click Card in the top menu bar, and choose Make This My Cardmake this my card menu on mac

Alternatively, you could change the name on your actual contact card if you already have one saved. However, doing so could cause confusion if you ever try to share your details with someone else.

Siri will say anything

When you tell Siri your new name, she doesn’t ask any awkward questions. She simply accepts the situation and goes with the flow. That’s right. Apple’s AI assistant will unflinching utter whatever word you choose to enter on your personal contact card.

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For added enjoyment, you can add a fake contact to a friend’s—or enemy’s—device and leave them wondering why Siri has suddenly started calling them something new.

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