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How to pack your gadgets to move

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Based on the recent reviews, one of the biggest worries of the people who are moving in the nearest future is to find their favorite gadgets cracked or scratched at the point of their final destination. If you don’t want to have this nightmare happen to you, consult professional movers at on the most effective packing techniques. You can also find a team of reliable movers to help you pack and move your house safely. In the meanwhile, here are some ideas on how to prepare your technical equipment to be moved.

Check your plug and voltage systems

If you are moving abroad, you need to compare the plug and voltage systems of both countries and see if they are compatible. If they are, find out what kind of voltage adaptors can be applied to your gadgets. If not, maybe it’s time for a big garage sale and even bigger shopping to be planned first thing you arrive at your new accommodation.

Find proper containers

You are not one of those thoughtful people who keep the original packing boxes of your gadgets, are you? In that case, you will need to start looking for plastic containers or cardboard boxes of matching or at least similar size. The size of the container is important, for you don’t want your gear to shift back and forth while traveling. Nor do you want it to be squeezed inside and get cracked. Different size boxes are usually easily accessible at electronic shops. But you will have to start thinking about it several weeks ahead.

If yours is a last-minute move, use as much bubble and wrapping paper as you can to protect your gadgets. Your warm clothes, towels, and blankets can become handy as well. Before packing, fold the cord or each gadget neatly and attach it to the main body of the gear. Make sure your gadgets’ accessories are also packed (preferably in clear plastic bags), signed, and placed in the same box. Otherwise, your equipment might be useless at the new house. At least until you finally find all the accessories or buy the replacement.

Insure your gears

Before signing your moving insurance, check your initial insurance and guarantee for each gear, you might have moving insurance already included. Not a typical policy but it is worth checking anyway. If the moving insurance is not included into your equipment’s guarantee, you’ll have to discuss it with your moving company. Prepare the necessary paperwork to help estimate your gadgets. Play on the safe side, limit your contacts with people while moving. You can order online estimate which is a very safe way to prepare your house to move under the COVID-19 outbreak conditions.

Use professional help

Let your moving company know about the quantity and size of your biggest technical items and request a specially equipped truck. Wall belts and fasteners will ensure safe delivery to the point of destination. On the contrary, if you are moving on your own, without any professional help, do not place big and fragile gadgets near the walls. Put them in the middle of the truck and surround them with soft pieces of furniture, pillows, linens or bags (boxes) of clothes. For the smaller gears, use separate boxes for each, tape and sign them and mark the UP side. Depends if you are moving on your own or with the help of professional movers, the UP mark will be of a great help for your own self when you unload your container at your new home. So, signing your boxes is very helpful advice.

Keep the list

Make a list of all your technical items, cords and accessories. Mark each gadget with an approximate place in the moving truck or define the sequence of placing. Keep this list till the final stage of your move when you check everything, unload, settle, plug and successfully start your every item. Not only this list will help you keeping track of your items and solve any possible issues with movers or insurance, it will also be helpful when you are looking for your remote control or voltage adaptor when or right after unpacking.

Check the weather forecast

Electronic devices are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, humidity, atmosphere pressure. So, before you send your equipment off, check the weather forecast all the way through. And even if it says “sunny, no cyclones” double wrap your gadgets, make sure they are water and temperature proof. Do not hesitate to request watertight trucks or containers from your moving company, make sure it is mentioned in your insurance.

Consider cutting down the price

The technical equipment is not cheap. Moving it doesn’t seem to be a non-expensive task either. But you may make it much more affordable if you order a PODS container and pack it yourself following all the tips mentioned above. That will also help you limit unwanted contacts which is an important safety measure within the current pandemic situation. You can check out the pricing on PODS containers at  They are ground-level access so you won’t need a ramp to load and unload them. Very convenient.

Maybe you don’t need them all

Added to high price and fragileness there is another thing that makes gadgets extremely inconvenient to move. They are becoming outdated very fast. So, unless you plan to use your game console for at least another couple of years and if it is not the latest version, you might want to send it to a garage sale or donate it. In some cases that would make more sense to sell an outdated gadget and buy a new one to be fitted to your new house. So, there are many decisions to be made like “keep it or leave it” on each and every gear. And that is probably the most difficult task to be done while you prepare to move. Good luck with that!  

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